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This is a smart sales program for businesses and organizations to benefit from the cooperative marketing power of OlyCatalog.com, - The Olympic Peninsula Catalog - a strategic partner in the 2010 Olympic Peninsula Treasure Hunt and the 2010 OlyGold marketing campaigns.

Easy to sign up! Pay by the Month with your credit card. No long term contract. Billing is safe and secure with PayPal online credit card charge system.
OlyCatalog.com uses PayPal Financial Services for all online transactions. Customers are able to use their credit cards with confidence, security and reliability.
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When selling a product or service in OlyCatalog.com, the item or service is posted within 24 hours of the first payment. 30 days later your credit card is charged for your second month.

If at the end of 30 days you cancel or refuse payment, your ad is removed within 24 hours. No cancellations in mid month. No refunds for less than 30 days.

To begin selling simply click the "Subscribe" button below and charge your first month's fee to begin selling your offerings to consumers looking for them online at OlyCatalog.com.

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Your Product or service is featured with a photo or graphic. See sample to left. Also, it is described in text similar to this paragraph to inspire buyers to click on the nearby "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" buttons. Credit cards are securely transacted by PayPal, the financial services provider for all sales in the 2009 Olympic Peninsula Treasure Hunt program.
$60 per month

If you have any questions call OlyCatalog at 360.379.8800

2009 Olympic Peninsula Treasure Catalog is an online directory of goods and services produced and sold by businesses on the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas in Washington State. This is a cooperative marketing program open to all businesses and organizations. All credit card charges are transacted by PayPal financial services.

DISCLAIMER: This web site is not associated with the United States Olympic Committee nor International Olympic Committee. Use of the word "Olympic" on this site is permitted under US Code Title 36 : Section 220506, allowing any person who used the word "Olympic" prior to September 21, 1950 to continuing such lawful use for the same goods and services, recognizing its use by the Olympic Peninsula Resort and Hotel Association starting in 1932 and continuing to the present.

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