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Start your search for treasure on Washington State's Olympic Peninsula, where Olympic National Park - A World Heritage Site - displays natural treasures from Pacific beaches to Puget Sound and from emerald rain forests to Mt. Olympus, its glacier-jeweled crown.

Discover why Olympic Peninsula is known as The Home of the Gods as you stroll idyllic beaches where sunsets ignite the sand with the glow of gold. Relax in pristine coves once spied by pirates from galleons gorged with silver and gold. And dream of a ship sunk just off shore with a gold-filled vault within her hold.


The history of the Olympic Peninsula is rich with stories of pirates, sunken treasure and gold rush riches. Read about El Draque, The Dragon and his golden galleon, laden with bars of gold, jewels, pearls and 26 tons of silver. . . . more


Treasures and myths abound around the Sound. Learn why the Olympic Peninsula is Home of the Gods, the land of Wooden Ships and Iron Men, inspiration for Dune, Twilight and Another Roadside Attraction . . . more


A help for your treasure hunt is a map to point to paths less traveled. Find routes of pirate ships, trails to old gold mines, beaches where reports claim gold is in the sand, locations of ships in Davy Jone's Locker. . . . more

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Everyone can be a winner who ventures into the hunt for treasures on the Olympic Peninsula. Ask Captain Oly where the prizes are hidden . . . more



The Olympic Peninsula Treasure Catalog lists treasures of goods and services sold by businesses all around "The Olympic Peninsula Loop". Offerings from cities and counties on the Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas are listed by Dining, Lodging, Maps, Tours, Wine, etc.


fallftg is a directory of attractions, resources and businesses on the Olympic Peninsula. Look up listings for inns, resorts and lodges. Find links to businesses and locations on Google Maps. Search for casinos, restaurants, dining by type of food, wineries and business services . . . more

Follow maps to treasure chests. Shop in a treasure store. Search a directory for games to play.

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